Azeema Mag | Submissions
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We’re always looking for writers, photographers, stylists and creatives to contribute and collaborate with. If you have an idea or a story/piece you would like to submit then drop us a message and introduce yourself at

We review new submissions regularly, but due to the volume of messages we receive, we may not be able to get back to you all personally. We hope you understand!



If you wish to send photography submissions please make sure you:

  • Attach a short description of your concept and why it would fit perfectly in AZEEMA
  • Send a PDF or single low-res images to show your work – no pre-designed layouts
  • Always attach clear team and styling credits!


All final hi-res images submitted need to be at least 300 dpi and must be unpublished work (this includes social media).

We prefer film photography to digital images aesthetically, so please consider this when submitting.


The themes for issue 3 include: Momentum, Movement, Speed, Evolution, Growth & Futurism, along with our core themes of Strength, Empowerment and Resistance. 

The deadline for submissions is 1st August 2018.


Love & light, 

Jameela, Sunayah, Noor & Evar